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Where and how to stick your FASTag?

Where and how to stick your FASTag

FASTag allows for easy and quick electronic toll payments across state and national highways in the country, and this is possible due to the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology of FASTag. Since the scanner at the toll plaza automatically scans the FASTag affixed to the car, it’s crucial that when you receive the tag for your car, you place it in the right way and the right place. Taking some time to figure this out will ensure that there are no issues in the future, and you can benefit from hassle-free toll transactions.

Where to stick your FASTag?

The right place to stick your FASTag is on the car’s windscreen in a way that the scanner can easily see and detect it. For this, the ideal location is the top centre of the windscreen. This location is where the inside rearview mirror is – you need to ensure to stick the FASTag on the inside of the car behind the rearview mirror. This is the ideal location for the tag because the FASTag scanners are usually placed on the middle of the toll gate’s roof.

Make sure that you do not place the tag on the tinted part of the windscreen because this can interfere with the signal transmission. In case you cannot place it right behind the rearview mirror for some reason, you can also secure it slightly on the left side, towards the passenger side of the car.

How to stick the FASTag?

Once you have hit the FASTag apply online button, you will get the tag delivered to you within a few days. After you receive the FASTag, securing and sticking it to your car’s windscreen is a simple and straightforward process. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when sticking it:

  • Clean the inside of the windscreen where you have decided to place your FASTag well. This is important to ensure that the tag is properly secured, and no dust or dirt hinders its adhesive.
  • Make sure to use a glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol for cleaning the windscreen along with a microfiber cloth for wiping it well.
  • Once you have cleaned the windscreen, peel off the protective backing from the FASTag.
  • There is no need to use any external adhesive like glue or tape in order to stick the FASTag. It comes with its own adhesive.
  • Carefully place the tag, with its adhesive side exposed, to the location inside of the windscreen.
  • After securing the FASTag on the windscreen, apply pressure evenly on it to ensure it is properly stuck.
  • Once you have stuck the FASTag, do not try to remove and place it again for better repositioning. This may damage the sticker and prevent it from being scanned properly.

Final words

Once you have properly affixed the tag to your car, you can benefit from the convenience of quick, electronic toll payments every time you pass a toll plaza. You can also check your FASTag balance easily online and undertake online FASTag recharge too to ensure you always have sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet.

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