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Secure Yourself With Proper Individual or Family Health Insurance In 2021!

Secure Yourself With Proper Individual or Family Health Insurance In 2021!

Ill health can strike us at any time and leave us with a mountain of bills. And, during a time of sickness, the last thing you need is financial worry. Fortunately health insurance helps us cope with the humongous expenses that often accompany ill health. You can either opt for an individual health insurance plan or choose family health insurance to secure all your loved ones under a single policy.  

Now, it is important to note that proper health insurance is ideally made up of a combination of policies that can work towards properly securing you in your time of need. Curious to know more? Read on to discover how you can truly secure your health with proper health insurance this 2021. 

  • Start with a standard individual health insurance or family health insurance plan

Given how costly medical treatment is these days, it is unwise to not have health insurance in place. A good health insurance plan should offer you proper coverage for pre- and post-hospitalisation care as well as other benefits like coverage for ambulance charges and an inclusion of many day care procedures too, among other things. Try to pick an insurer who has a good network of cashless hospitals close to where you live. 

It is important to secure your loved ones too with proper coverage. You can either get them individual health insurance plans or buy a family health insurance plan that covers all your loved ones in a single policy. Under a family insurance plan you can generally cover your spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law at a single premium. 

  • Improve your protection with add-on covers

You can consider improving the protection you enjoy from health insurance by supplementing your plan with add-on covers. You can consider opting for covers such as room rent waiver and daily hospital cash.

  • Opt in for critical illness insurance 

Critical illness insurance pays the policyholder a lump sum amount if they are diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses listed by the insurer for coverage. Examples of critical illnesses that get covered include cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, coma, major burns, and major head trauma, among others. 

It is important to bear in mind that you may no longer be able to work if you are impacted by a critical illness. The payout from your critical illness insurance plan will help run your home and pay for any medical expenses that exceed the limits of your health insurance plan. You can use the lump sum payout to pay for your home loan, household expenses, other loans, and even to keep someone to look after you as you recover. 

You can use your health insurance plan for all hospitalisation expenses and keep the critical illness insurance plan for everything that goes beyond. Thus, we can see how critical illness insurance truly works along with health insurance for complete coverage. 

Remember that you can easily buy health insurance online these days. Simply search online for ‘health insurance best’ or just ‘health insurance’ to get options. 

Take care. 


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