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How to Get an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate

Are you going to start a website or you have started? Then it is sure that you have listened about the SSL certificate and to know how to get it, you are here reading this post. You have landed on the right page because here we will let you know how you can get an SSL certificate. There are many ways to get an SSL certificate for you. You can get it for free and also you can pay for it. For more details, you can opt for an SEO reseller partner.

All of the options are available on the internet. We are not selling any SSL certificate service, but we can guide you on how you can get it for free. Also, we will let you know the importance of an SSL certificate and why it is really important for all of the websites. Also, we will let you know what is the actual difference between free and paid SSL certificates. So without wasting the time anymore let’s jump to the useful information.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is used to protect the data transfers between a website domain and the user of the website and SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security layer added between the user and the website owner. In your browser, you will notice the lock symbol or green text written “secure” near the address bar. This is what shows the user that a website is SSL secure or not.

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, then it will show insecure there along with the address bar. These days most of the websites you will see are secure with SSL because those site owners have paid to buy SSL certificates.

Why Is It Important?

Now the question is why is it important to have the SSL certificate installed on your website. Your website’s functionality has nothing to do with SSL. It means that your website can work without any SSL certificate, but still, it is important to get an SSL certificate installed. Following are some of the major reasons that you should pay attention to.

Trust Issues

The first thing that you will get with an SSL certificate is the trust build-up. Netizens are very smart these days. They know which website is secure and which is unsafe for them. If your website is not secure with SSL, then most of the users will ignore using your website.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers feel satisfied while browsing a website with complete security. And if your customers are comfortably browsing your website, then it means you will get more traffic and conversions.

Search Engine Algorithms

According to the latest algorithms announced by the majority of the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, websites with SSL certificates will get higher rankings. So if your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, then search engines will also ignore you while ranking websites.

Be Authentic And Safe

You will look more authentic and safe for the new audience. A new audience will never hesitate to browse your website. Also, if you are going to manage online payments, data collection, etc. privacy-related things, then it is necessary to have an SSL certificate installed on your website to make your customers feel safe on your website.

Get An SSL Certificate

Now you are done with the SSL certificate’s basic information and its importance. Now the question is how to get an SSL certificate for your website. There are several ways to do it. In this world of the internet, you can get anything for free or at less price due to high competition. So when it comes to SSL certificates, then there are not too many changes for them. A basic SSL certificate can cost you around $50 to $250. But read out the following ways to get an SSL certificate, before you pay anything anywhere.

Get From Certificate Authority (CA)

There are many Certificate Authorities (CAs) out there in the market. They are specialized in this service and provide a completely customized service while providing SSL certificates. They also have some extra layer security features for website owners.

Buy From Third Party Providers

Also, you can buy SSL certificates from third-party providers. These providers are like digital marketing agencies, social media agencies, software development companies. These companies also get SSL certificates registered from Certificate Authority (CAS), but they will customize and manage the certificate according to your requirement and they will provide you assistance while installing it on your hosting.

Buy Along With Hosting

The next option to buy an SSL certificate is to buy along with your hosting. Many hosting service providers are there who provide SSL certificates to protect your site. At the time of purchasing hosting service, you can simply check down the extra security layer option and they will add a small amount to your total billing and also they will add an SSL certificate to your hosting service.

Hosting Services Those Provide SSL Certificates:

Following are some hosting service providers that provide SSL certificates at the time of purchasing hosting. Check them out and their prices on their sites.

  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • Godaddy
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround

Get Free SSL Certificate

Now let’s talk about the last and most demanding way to get an SSL certificate. Most of the newcomers look for an easy and free way to get an SSL certificate issued for their website. Many websites provide free SSL certificates to websites. But the only problem that you will face is to install them manually. A little bit of coding knowledge will be required if you get SSL certificates for free. Following are two major free SSL certificate providers.

  • LetsEncrypt
  • ZeroSSL

Your website can run without an SSL certificate, but for brand quality, you must have to install an SSL certificate on your website. Never neglect the importance of SSL certificates. It makes data safe for you and your site visitors. It will help you get an authentic reputation in front of your site visitors. Installing certificates can be a paid or free task. If you can manually install an SSL certificate on your website, then you can easily get it for free. Otherwise, you can pay nominal charges to get it done by someone else.



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