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How to Choose Which Blanket is The Right One For You

How to Choose Which Blanket is The Right One For You

Let’s face it; we all love blankets, the comfier the better. But there are so many choices on the market out there. How do we know which ones to choose? Which blanket is the best option to help us get the best sleep we possibly can? Sleeping is already hard enough, so why make it any more difficult than it can be? 

There are many other factors to consider; however, the general wisdom is to pick one that suits your needs in every way possible. We’ll help you sort through some tips for selecting the perfect blankets for your best sleep.

Psychological Impact

Now before you start wondering if you can just go without, you really can’t. We’ll tell you that right now. Your brain is essentially programmed to behave in certain ways and expect certain routines throughout the day, and this is no different where sleep is concerned. In this manner, our brains are programmed to expect us to lay down and pull the blankets up. It becomes less a matter of comfort and more a matter of psychological serenity.


This is a major factor when choosing a blanket. Our bodies are naturally going to cool down at night, so if we get too hot, it’s hard to fall asleep and stay that way. You’ll not only want blankets, but also sheets that aren’t too heavy. Bamboo sheets are a great choice because not only are they soft and luxurious, they’re airy and breathable. This makes them a great pairing for a good, heavy blanket.

Blanket Types

Now it comes down to the type of blanket you want. Again, you’re spoiled for choice. There are lots of kinds on the market. We have lighter duvets, cozy down comforters, and a heavy, soothing weighted blanket. Each one provides a different level of comfort and you can use your own judgment and preferences to figure out which weight and feel is perfect for your particular needs.

Bed Size

Mattresses matter too, everything from memory foam to a hybrid mattress plays a part in proper sleep hygiene. So if you’re going to take mattresses into consideration, then you’re a smart shopper. It’s best to find a blanket that settles comfortably over the size of mattress you’ve chosen, this way you’re less likely to drag the blanket up over the sides and expose your feet to cold air at night.

Fabric Types

Finally, we have a multitude of fabric options. Everything from cotton to wool, to down, synthetics, you name it, they’ve got it somewhere. Each type of fabric is designed to serve a distinct purpose in the blanket, be it to disperse heat appropriately or to provide maximum softness and comfort. Each blanket will have different weaves designed to provide different levels of comfort, so feel each blanket before buying it to make sure it’s the one you want.


Buying a blanket set doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. Just look for the kinds you like the best and you’re sure to find something you can thrive with for years to come. 



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