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Here’s how your kids can watch YouTube Kids on your Android TV

Android TV

We all know that technology has evolved in the past few years. And so has the way we consume content and entertain ourselves. Just like ours, the technology for kids has grown by leaps and bounds as well. Today’s kids live in an era of lightning speed internet, round the clock connectivity. Therefore, it is only apt that they too consume media that is made for the kids of the modern day. That’s why, we have YouTube Kids.

What is YouTube Kids?

Yes, all of us have heard about YouTube. It is the one app that can entertain you, help you learn, unravel facts and do much more. YouTube has a massive library of videos and almost anything can be found here. But, did you know there’s YouTube Kids as well?

YouTube Kids is a similar platform like YouTube, except the content here is primarily targeted towards the younger generation. YouTube Kids has educational content, cartoons, primarily, shows for the toddlers and kids in your family.

The YouTube Kids app was designed to give the children in your family their very own platform to enjoy. It is extremely easy for kids to manoeuvre throughput the platform. In addition, the app has also been equipped with a variety of safety features. Therefore, the guardians can always stay aware while the kids explore the platform in their own manner.

The content on YouTube Kids is extremely family friendly as well. In spite of that, there also exists multiple parent-based controls. As a parent, you can see what the kids are watching, limit their screentime and even block videos. The platform also has features that help your kids build healthy habits in the digital world.

Therefore, YouTube Kids has something in it for every child.

How to watch YouTube Kids on TV?

To watch YouTube Kids on TV, you will need to have an Android TV. However, not everyone can afford an expensive and brand-new Android TV. That is why, we suggest you upgrade your DTH connection and buy an Android set top box. An Android set top box will cost you only a fraction of a new smart TV. However, you get access to the complete set of features that you would get in a new Android TV. Features such as built-in Chromecast, Google Voice assistant and more are all common with an Android box.

Here is how to download YouTube Kids on your Android TV

Follow these steps so that your kids can enjoy YouTube Kids on your Android box TV:

  1. Turn on your Android TV, and make sure it is connected to the broadband connection.
  2. Now go to the Google Play Store within the TV and search ‘YouTube Kids’ in the search bar.
  3. Once the app appears in the list, go ahead and download it.
  4. As soon as the app is downloaded, open the app and let your kids immerse in this new world of fun.

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