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Everything You Should Know About The Festivity Of Mother’s Day!!!

Everything You Should Know About The Festivity Of Mother's Day!!!

Every relationship has its own different and special importance. But the mother’s relationship in these relationships is different and precious that we can never replace with anyone else. The only form of God on our earth is called mother. mother’s name comes to our mind first – ever-ending love and support.

Everything You Should Know About The Festivity Of Mother’s Day!!!

This day of honor is celebrated on different dates in the world. In many other countries, including India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May’s second Sunday. On this day, people express their feelings towards their mother by sharing Mother’s Day  gifts and in various ways.

How did Mother’s Day Begin? 

Countries like Greece and Roman have been celebrating Mother’s Day since about 1000 years ago. But Mother’s, which we celebrate, was started by Anna Jarvis in 1908, at St. Andrews, a church in West Virginia to honor her mother. Anna Jarvis’s mother’s name was ‘Ann Ravis Jarvis’. She was a peace activist.

Ana’s mother treated and served soldiers wounded in the ongoing war in America. In order to carry on with this work, he opened an institution called ‘Mother’s Work Club’. So that the health problem of the people can be corrected. Ann Ravis Jarvis died in 1908 when her daughter Anna Jarvis demanded the government start ‘Mother’s Day, because she believed that Mother’s  Day would be such a day in this run-of-the-mill life.

Wherein we can sit near my mother and make her feel good because our mother does the most work and sacrifice for us in the world. In 1914, US President Woodrow Wilson passed a bill that ‘Mother’s would be celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

People did not understand the true meaning of Mother’s. Instead of sitting with his mother, he started bringing expensive gifts from the market. Some US companies gave it commercial form. Anna Jarvis did not like this at all and opposed it very much. He said that sit with your mother on this day, make them feel good, and give your handmade things to them. Friends, this is not a story but a truth. Now you have to decide whether on Mother’s Day, you give your mother real-time by giving her precious time or giving her imaginary happiness by giving expensive items in the market.

What Can You Gift To Your Mum This Mother’s Day 2021?

Mother’s Day holds a very special place in the occasion calendar, and you must search for Mother’s day gifts for your mother. Gifting is a very lovely way to showcase love and affection towards the people we love and admire. So, we are giving some gift ideas you can go for and woo your lifeline.

Mother’s Day Cakes

The cake is one of the best gifts that can win anyone’s heart. Give your mum a sweet start by surprising her with Mother’s Day cake morning. This will bring a wow smile to her face and make her face happier too.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts always carry unique feelings. You can give your mom a special touch by gifting her personalized gifts like a photo mug, best mom quotes gifts, photo-frames, customized mu key chains, etc. 


Every mom loves to wear sarees; thus, this is the best gift idea that you can give to your mother and pay tribute to her unconditional love and motherhood. She will love to have some lovely gifts. You can take the help of your loved ones and get the best saree for your mom.


Jewelry is the second love that every female wants to have in their collection. In that, you can grab the jewelry as a gift and win your mom’s heart ultimately. You can get the idea through talking to your mom and by what your mom wants to buy for herself.

Take Her Out At Her Favorite Destination

Finally, give her rest from all household work and take her to her favorite destination. Surprise her with dinner and fill her heart by taking her shopping. Pamper her a little more and bring a child from her on the special occasion of Mother’s. Spending time with her, giving her so much attention will surely make her day a memorable one. At last, don’t forget to bring Mother’s Day flowers to say I Love You Mom. 

So, this article was all about Mother’s! We hope you come to know more about this lovely day and get the ideas of gifts that you can give to your special lady this year to express your entire love for your lifeline, Mother!


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